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Since 2009 IFD Kapital Group participates in federal project aimed to improve financial literacy, this is the way to promote publications of books about major historical economic events. Selected for Russian publications books are written by real professionals, read in one breath and perceived as fascinating and instructive business-thrillers based on true stories.

Hedge Hogs. Barbara T. Dreyfuss

The bestseller «Hedge Hogs» by Barbara Dreyfuss has already become a fifth book in the series of business literature that was translated into Russian with the help and financial support of IFD Kapital.

The book is about the largest disaster of hedge fund Amaranth Advisor, which had about $9 billion in assets at its peak. However, in September 2006 it completely collapsed only in a few weeks. The investigation held by Barbara Dreyfuss, analyst from Wall Street, reconstructs historical context of those events and also presents psychological portraits of two main heroes - Brian Hunter and John Arnold, young and ambitious traders.

Columnists of the largest business publishing houses about «Hedge Hogs»:

«Regulators, legislators and judges inclined to sympathize with the industry ought to rush out and buy a copy of Barbara Dreyfuss’s Hedge Hogs, a wonderfully instructive tale about Amaranth Advisors. . . . Dreyfuss, a Wall Street analyst turned investigative journalist, not only plowed through what turned out to be a treasure trove of official records and transcripts, but supplemented it with plenty of her own reporting. She manages to organize it all into a tight, riveting and understandable yarn” – Washington Post

«Clearly and entertainingly told . . . a salutary example of how traders who believe they are super-smart might be nothing more than lucky, and how there is nothing so intoxicating as the ability to speculate with other people’s money» – Economist

«[Dreyfuss] does a great job of putting Amaranth’s out-of-control trader into historical context, explaining the blitz of deregulation that set the stage for someone like Hunter to do maximum damage.» – Bloomberg

The book got into Top-10 Business & Economics Books by Publishers Weekly.

King of Capital. David Carey and John E. Morris

The Russian edition of King of Capital - the famous American journalists David Carey and John E. Morris’s financial bestseller – was published due to strategic and financial support of IFD Kapital in 2013. The book is about the world's largest private equity firm “Blackstone” and its impressive success. Blackstone Group is an example of investment evolution that recognizes Wall Street and exerts influence on the world economy.

The book has got many positive reviews from the largest business Publishing Houses:

«The authors … [take] us from the early days of the Blackstone Group, when the firm was just two guys and a secretary, to the buyout boom, when Mr. Schwarzman’s conspicuous consumption became a symbol of the new Gilded Age. In between, the book dives deeply into the firm’s signature deals — Celanese! Nalco! Distressed cable bonds! — that made Mr. Schwarzman and his partners so rich. It also delivers some fun details about many of the now-famous Wall Street players that did tours of duty at the firm. » —New York Times DealBook

« [R]anks as one of the most even-handed treatments of the industry. David Carey and John Morris…received unusual access to Blackstone…This allowed them to chronicle the firm in full and entertaining fashion across its 25-year history. » —Bloomberg Brief – Mergers

«The authors link Blackstone’s history to the larger story of private equity’s expansion and its relationship to corporate America. They offer a lucid explanation of how the debt markets evolved from junk bonds to securitised loans, changing the types of deals that private-equity firms were able to finance. » — The Economist»

Crash of the Titans. Greg Farrell

The Russian edition of Crash of Titans - the famous American journalist Greg Farrell’s financial book – was published due to strategic and financial support of IFD Kapital in 2012.

“Crash of the Titans” is a financial thriller, based on journalistic investigation of the story about  the largest financial crisis -  the story of Merrill Lynch's collapse.

Based on the unique source of Merrill Lynch and Bank of America the book of Greg Farrell opens the inner world of one of the largest company from the Wall Street, the company that can be called an American dream of stock market. Greg Farrell describes the actions of real people who are responsible for billions of borrowed dollars, their reckless games for increasing impact and bonuses, their actions and decisions, which became a cause of American legends’ collapse and destruction of the American economy.

According to Olga Plaksina, Chairperson of the Group Executive Board IFD Kapital:

«Tragic events, which are presented in the book Crash of the Titans by Greg Farrell, on the one hand, impress with their scale, intensity of emotions and dramatic rises and falls; on the other hand, these events strikes with cycles, fatal frequency of occurrence in  history. I recommend to read the new book of Greg Farrell everyone and especially managers of banks, risk managers and auditors».

The author of the book Greg Farrell is a correspondent for the Financial Times’. Greg is a past winner of the American Business Press’s Jesse Neal Award for investigative reporting and a recipient of the Knight-Bagehot Fellowship for business journalism. He earned a BA from Harvard University and an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University.

The book has got many positive reviews from the  largest business Publishing Houses:

«Farrell weaves his facts into a story...piling detail upon detail to sketch the inner
workings of Merrill Lynch, which he calls the Wall Street firm that made it possible for
average Americans to reap handsome returns in the stock market.» —USA Today

«Farrell tells a story based on hundreds of hours of interviews that builds like a hurricane. » —

«Immaculately reported…Farrell has found one of the biggest untold stories of the [financial crisis] drama.» —Financial Times

«Crash of the Titans is an exciting financial thriller about how ignorance of the basic principles of the rational risk management can lead to the fall of the largest company on Wall Street.» —RBC

Lords of Finance: the Bankers who Broke the World. Liaquat Ahamed

IFD Kapital Group takes part in the Federal project on improving financial literacy and promotes actively publications of books on the major historical economic events. Selected for Russian publications books are written by real professionals, read in one breath and perceived as fascinating and instructive business-thrillers based on true stories.

IFD Kapital supported the publishing of the Russian edition “Lords of Finance” by an American investment banker Liaquat Ahamed. The book have won many prestigious awards, including: the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for History, the 2010 Spear's Book Award (Financial History Book of the Year), the 2010 Arthur Ross Book Award Gold Medal and the 2009 Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award. For 2009 it was recognized as one of Time magazine's "Best Books of the Year", New York Times "Best Books of the Year" and's "Best Books of the Year".

The main characters of Lords of Finance are a quartet of bankers: Montagu Norman of the Bank of England, Benjamin Strong of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Hjalmer Schacht of the Reichsbank of Germany and Emile Morceau of the Banque de France. It was a time of retrogress in Europe and prosperity in America when a period of economic growth gave the way to a deafening recession and hopes for peacetime collapsed after a short twenty years. The bitter post-war debts, reparations and hyperinflation accompany the reader though the book. Liaquat Ahamed shows that the Great Depression and the collapse of the world economy were not only the cause of unhappy coincidence, but also the cause of actions of this financial fourth, which prescribed to sick economy the treatment, right contraindicated to its poor condition.

In the Introduction for the Russian edition, Liaquat Ahamed writes:

"Apparently, once again we are on the world economic leadership’s historical turning point’s eve, in a situation not unlike the one that was mentioned at the beginning of the twentieth century.”

Olga Plaksina, Chairperson of the Group Executive Board IFD Kapital:

"Events such as the Great Depression are the cause of coincidence circumstances, which devour the fate of generations like tornadoes. However, Liaquat Ahamed is not afraid to have another point of view on the history and he shows that the authoritative and powerful people’s actions can dramatically change the age. And this book reminds us that people, who control complicated mechanisms, are common people and can make mistakes".

American investment banker Liaquat Ahamed has made a book that is popular among the Russian audience and the Russian edition brought a commercial success to IFD Kapital. Book sales have exceeded twice the average sales business literature.

“Sand castles of Wall Street”. Kurt Eihenvald

In 2009 “IFD Kapital” found, translated and published the book of the world famous journalist Kurt Eihenvald “Sand Castles of Wall Street” in Russia. The story of the greatest fraud” (original title “Serpents on the rock”). The theme of the book, the studying of fraud in the field of private investment, has been extremely relevant in 2009.

One of the top financial journalists of US, a reporter for the New York Times Kurt Eihenvald “Sandcastles of Wall Street”, dedicated his book to one of the greatest scandals that ever shook the financial world of America - the story of the rise and fall of the company Prudential-Bache Securities, which was established in 1944.

In the introduction for the Russian edition of the book, Kurt Eihenvald wrote: “My book appeals to fairness, natural desire to do business honestly. It is overwhelmingly important that Russian businessmen have learned these lessons. Modern Russia is one of the most dynamic world markets, every day it is gaining strength. However, such rapid growth and exciting opportunities are always close to great dangers”.

The book went on sale in a wide national network of used-book stores in mid-December 2009. All copies of the book had been sold out by April 2010; negotiations on printing additional copies are in full swing now.

All Russian business media are interested in Kurt Eihenvald’s book.

“In order to thoroughly reconstruct the story of rise and fall of Prudential-Bache Securities, Kurt Eihenvald carried on great research work, which was based on hundreds of interviews, documents and certificates. Unrevealing the knot of intrigues, in which the company's management wallowed , the author comes to the disappointing conclusion that the case of Pru-Bache was obvious but unnoticed alarm, the evidence of corrosion, gradually corroding the corporate world of America” - Ivan Pishchikov, “Russian Business Newspaper” dated March 16, 2010.

“This story tells us how problems in management, continuous lie to investors, as well as the reduction of ethical standards within the company ended in disaster. As a result the book became a great manual how to learn from the mistakes of others” - Konstantin Milchin, “Vedomosti” newspaper dated February 5, 2010.

“It is like a detective with a fascinating story. Or a scientific monograph with carefully verified list of sources and opinions of experts. In this case, the belles-lettres style of presentation is not obstructive but even justified - after all Eihenvald was one of the main characters in the scandal, investigating it on the pages of “The New York Times”, - “Secret Firmy” magazine dated March 8, 2010.

“It is noteworthy that unlike the majority of authors who exploit the current topic, Eihenvald does not overload the reader with special terms but explains everything popularly” – “Profile” magazine dated December 28, 2009.

“Chronicles of art life of Russia during the period of economic crisis. Comparative analysis experience”

Within the social program of “IFD Kapital” on cultural support they issued the book on the Russian art history for the last 10 years.

Fundamentally the catalogue, named “Chronics of art life of Russia during the period of economic crisis. Comparative analysis experience” is an idea to lead a comparative culturologic analysis of the two essential periods of the modern economical history – the years 1998 and 2008. On the basis of findings of art-business experts a chronological hubrid was constructed in which there is an interaction of three subjects: society-money-art.

The acknowledged experts of modern Russian art took part in creation of this catalogue. The texts were written by the editor in chief of “Artchronica” magazine Nikolay Molok, archive files were presented by the “Art projects” Foundation, “Sotheby's” auction house and “Ogilvy SPN Russia” agency.

In the preface Nikolay Molok writes: “Looking back to 1998 it becomes clear that the growth of Russian art with the pick in 2008 began 10 years ago. If the statement that crisis gives the new is correct, I want to believe that the same will happen as a result of 2008 crisis”.

The President of “IFD Kapital” Olga Plaksina is speaking about the project: “During passed 10 years Russia accomplished a great leap both in economics and art-business. But according to Sotheby's auction house the difference in Russian sales in London in 1998 and 2008 exceeded 20-fold rate. In the project “98 +10” we tried to show briefly what changes are hiding behind the figures, reflecting the market growth of Russian art in this period”.

The catalogue was not intended for public sale and distributed in cooperation with the Award in the field of national contemporary art, “Kandinsky award”. The guests of “Kandinsky Award” ceremony took the project with great curiosity.




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