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“Petrocommerce” Banking Group

Being established in 1992, Bank Petrocommerce (OJSC) has developed into a universal financial institution providing its clients with a full range of banking services, including corporate, retail and investment banking.

Under the umbrella of Bank Petrocommerce Group the following commercial banks have been incorporated:

  • Joint Stock Investment and Commercial Bank for Industry and Construction "Stavropolye" (Stavropolpromstroybank)
  • Joint Stock Company Komi regional bank “Ukhtabank” (JSC Komiregionbank “Ukhtabank”)
  • Public Joint Stock Company “Bank Petrocommerce-Ukraine” (“Bank Petrocommerce-Ukraine”).

Bank Petrocommerce ranks among TOP 30 largest banks of the Russian Federation by major financial indicators and among TOP 1000 World Banks according to the Banker Magazine.

The Bank has a widespread branch network covering main economic centers of Russia and ensuring a substantial geographic diversification of the business. As of 01 April 2012, the Banking Group possessed 164 sales points, 1,490 automated teller machines (ATMs) and 8,159 POS-terminals.

Bank Petrocommerce is a strategic partner and major settlement bank of LUKOIL Group in ruble area providing it with settlement and cash services, conversion operations, cash management services as well as payroll card programs for the Group’s staff.

Apart from the companies of LUKOIL Group, the Bank provides banking services to a wide range of clientele. The Bank’s key clients are large and medium-sized corporations, holding companies; employees of corporate clients, VIP-clients, business- and premium-segments of individuals.

The Bank possesses in-depth expertise and competence in corporate business offering its clients a wide range of high quality banking services and products: starting from standardized (settlement services; foreign exchange control; allocation of temporary available funds; factoring; acquiring; services of financial intermediary on FX, stock and derivatives markets; lending and financing etc.) to sophisticated customer-tailored ones (cash management, client’s settlement centre and treasury services, payroll projects, investment banking services etc.) aimed at optimizing and increasing the efficiency of business performance, control over the company’s transactions and cash-flow as well as decreasing costs connected with the implementation of business procedures.

Retail segment business takes a significant part in Bank Petrocommerce’s business with a traditionally high share in funding base. The Bank offers individual clients financial services and products targeted to provide clients with a wide spectrum of solutions, such as saving and accumulation of funds, lending, on-line management of private finances, investing, and consulting. Besides that, the Bank enjoys strong positions in the bank card market with more than 1.3 mln cards having been issued by Bank Petrocommerce and 1.82 mln cards – by the Banking Group so far.

The Bank moves on and constantly continues to develop and implement new tools and services capable of meeting the growing demand of its customers. For instance, in January 2011, Bank Petrocommerce became #1 among Russian banks to pass certification procedures by MasterCard Worldwide to service chip cards and one of the first banks in Russia which started to issue cards based on PayPass contactless payment technology.

Traditionally Bank Petrocommerce pays particular attention to maintaining high quality of assets and efficient risk and cost management control. In 2008, the risk control system of the Bank passed through certification procedure of the independent rating agency Expert RA, as a result of which the highest possible rating “A.rm” was awarded to the Bank’s risk control system.

Reliability and financial stability of the Bank is proved by high credit ratings affirmed by major international rating agencies Moody’s Investors Service (according to international scale: Ba3/D-, and according to national rating scale: and Standard & Poor’s (according to international scale: B+/B, and according to national scale: ruA) as well as well-known Russian rating agencies Expert RA (A+) and Rus-Rating (according to international scale: BBB- and according to national scale: AA-).

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